Fashion Buttons

Our wide variety of fashion buttons cater for all your garment and textile industry needs and range in sizes catering for shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets, coats and denim. We also offer natural buttons (shell buttons, wooden buttons, coconut buttons), polyester buttons, rubber buttons, metal buttons, jean buttons and magnetic buttons.

Please Note: Buttons can be dyed to match, minimums do apply. Please contact us for further information.

Jacket & Coat Buttons

We are a leading supplier for a wide range of buttons for jackets & coats. Suitable for outerwear including jackets and coats, our range includes options that are hard-wearing and durable.

Jean Buttons & Accessories

We supply a wide range of buttons, rivets, studs and burrs suitable for jeans, denim garments and other mid-heavy weight products.

Magnetic Buttons

Suitable for a hidden closures, our magnetic buttons are high quality. Our magnetic buttons are great for closures on clothing such as scarves and shawls or handbags, wallets and purses.

Metal Buttons

All our metal buttons are of the highest quality, and come in a range of finishes such as variants of gold, brass, silver and nickel.

Natural Fashion Buttons

Our range of natural buttons extends from shell buttons to wooden buttons, coconut buttons and more.

Rubber Buttons

Our rubber buttons can be used for Rugby jumpers, and other sports leisurewear as well as baby clothing and more. Available in non-dyeable white and black rubber.

Shank Fashion Buttons

Our range of fashion buttons extends to shank buttons. Nickel, pearl, diamonte and other metallic variations all form a part of our range.

Shell Buttons

We offer a wide range of shell buttons, including River Pearl, Akoya & Washibodo shell in natural, rainbow and smoked finishes.

Shirt & Blouse Buttons

We sell a wide range of plastic, shell, fancy and decorative buttons suitable for shirts, blouses & dresses.

Suit Buttons

Our range of button extends to suit buttons which can be used on all outerwear and suiting requiring durable and sturdy closures.