Design & Pattern Room Accessories

Here you will find all the accessories and tools required for your pattern room.  This includes clamps, cutting knives, cutting mats, dart markers, hanger stands, hole punchers, loop turners, fashion markers, grading rulers, set squares, tape measures, pattern paper, pattern hooks, pattern notchers, dressmaker pins, safety pins, kilt pins, clothing racks, rotary cutters, scissors, sewing supplies, size dividers, sprays, thread clippers, tissue paper, tracing wheels and much more.


Assisting in securing paper and/or fabric to your cutting table, our range of clamps will allow you efficiency and accuracy when cutting.

Cutting Knives

Providing safe and clean knives and blades for efficient cutting. Offering knife blades for machinery, snap knives and blades and more.

Cutting Mats

We offer a range of high quality cutting mats from leading manufacturers - Olfa from Japan and Kai.

Dart Markers

Awls or dart markers are used to mark the position of darts on patterns.

Domestic Sewing Supplies

We provide a range of domestic sewing supplies including sewing machine needles.

Draping Tape

Draping tape is used to mark dress forms/dummies. It is used to assist when designing and draping garments. It acts as a guide for measurements on the body, as well as marking where the style lines of the garment will be.

Body/Dress Forms & Dummies

We are a supplier of our very own M.Recht brand developed dummies. Created with industry standard measurements and either a Fibreglass or Rigid Polyurethane structure, our dummies are of the highest quality.

Hanger Stands

Hanger stands are used for clean, accessible storage of coathangers in your studio, warehouse or clothing boutique.

Chalk Hem Marker & Refils

Used for easy and accurate marking to adjust the length of hemlines when toiling, sampling and completing alterations.

Hole Punches

We sell a range of holepunchers suitable for a range of purposes. Our range includes holepunchers for paper & cardboard patterns.

Industrial Sewing Supplies

Our range of industrial sewing supplies extends from machine parts, including bobbins, sewing needles and more, through to more specialty items including thimbles and more.

Loop Turners

Loops turners are a tool used for creating rouleau strapping. 


We supply a range of fabric markers suitable for marking button & button holes, as well as when making adjustments to toiles during patternmaking. Our range includes vanishing options which disappear when steam is applied, alongside permanent markers.

Measuring Implements

Our range of measurement implements includes grading rulers, set squares, french curves and more. Perfect for fashion students through to industry.

Paper & Accessories

M. Recht supply a wide range of paper & card, suitable for patternmaking, cutting, packaging and more.

Pattern Hooks

Pattern hooks are used for accessible, organised storage for all cardboard and paper patterns. 

Pattern Notchers

Pattern notchers are used to make small notches in the edge of cardboard and paper patterns to mark seam allowance and positions of darts and pleats.

Pins & Accessories

Our range of pins ranges from pearl head pins, glass head pins, steel pins and more.


Our range of racks extends from garment racks through to pattern racks and more.