Elastic & Rubber

Our wide variety of elastics are available in various sizes and include knitted elastic, woven elastic and rubber elastic. These cater for the construction of fashion garments, swimwear, manchester, sports wear and other applications. This includes bed sheet elastic, braided elastic, button loop elastic, corded elastic, fancy elastic, knitted elastic, maternity elastic, non roll / ribbed elastic, shirring elastic, shot cord elastic, woven elastic, raw rubber elastic and clear rubber elastic.

Bedsheet Elastic

Art: EL903BS

Bra Elastic

Brushed nylon finish without silicon strip

Braided Elastic

Art: EL901

Heavy Weight elastic

Button Loop Elastic

Art: ELBE493

Used as a trim for clothing

Corded Elastic

Elastic with cord through the centre for tracksuit pants & shorts

Flag & Banner Elastic

Art: EL903HH

30 metres per roll

Grip Elastic

Art: AS001

50 metres per roll

Knitted Elastic

Art: EL903

Maternity Elastic

Art: EL903M

50 metres per roll

Shot Cord Round Elastic

Art: EL208

Used in Clothing (light weights), in Hats & Hoods, in Car Covers, in Utes & Light Trucks