Industrial Accessories

Eyelets & Durables

We offer our range of metal eyelets, metal washers, studs, rivets, burrs and buttons in assorted sizes and finishes to suit all applications. We also supply the dies to fit these.


We supply a range of tapes including touch tapes, reflective tapes all the way through to adhesive tapes.


Our industrial range of threads includes UV & heat resistant options, suitable for many purposes including camping & outdoor, saddlery, footwear, leather goods and more.

Webbing & Binding

Our webbing and binding range offers options suitable for finishing and trimming items including mattresses, tents, furniture & more.

Zips & Zip Accessories

We offer an extensive range of YKK metal zips and other brand zips for all your garment and production needs. Our nylon coil zips and invisible zips are suitable for dress or skirt, jackets, sportswear and outerwear.

General Products & Miscellaneous

Our industrial range extends through to all items you need to manufacture, pack & ship your items: stationary, cutting knives, tape dispensers and more.