Packing & Tagging Accessories

Here you will find all the accessories required for packing and tagging your products including, adhesive tapes, cableties, cleaning fluids, collar bands & collar stays, dry cleaning bags, garment bags, hangers, plain plastic bags and t-shirt bags, plastic pallet cling wrap, press seal bags, safety pins, shirt clips, steamers, tag guns & tag needles, tags, tape dispensers, trouser clips, tweezers, unpickers, work trolleys, tissue sheet paper and much more.

Hangers & Accessories

We stock a variety of wire hangers, wooden hangers and plastic hangers as well as accessories for various uses including pants, skirts, jackets, shirts and more.

Plastic Pallet Cling Wrap

500mm x 23um
400m per roll

Zip-lock Bags


Handy resealable plastic bags that can be used for storing fashion accessories, machine parts, jewellery components or food.   

Steamers & Accessories

Available in Jiffy J2, J2000, J4000, and Esteam. Also available for Hire (call our 1300 number)