Our range of specialised sewing threads cater for all styles of apparel including knit wear, swim wear, sports wear, evening wear, leather wear, denim wear and other special fabrics. Our sewing threads also cater for a wide variety of applications including the manufacture of shoe, boot and sandals, yacht sails, sole stitching, denim wear, sports material, gloves, leg guards, cricket pads, saddlery, filters, mattresses, tent, tarpaulin, awnings, book binding, carseats, suitcases, furniture, sofas and general upholstery.

The Right Thread / Spun Polyester (Plain/Overlock)

Plain Machine Light / Medium Fabrics

The Right Loop Thread / Texturized Polyester

Overlocking all Light / Medium Fabrics

Polyester / Polyester Core Thread 'Gravity'

Stretch Fabrics such as Lycra and Knits

Bonded Polyester Thread (Ultimo)

Heavier Industrial Sewing UV Treated for Outdoor Products

Monofilament 'Wonder Thread'

Clear Overlocking Thread

Polyester / Cotton Corespun Glacé Thread (Duofil)

Heavy Industrial Sewing / Soft Finish, High Heat Resistance

Polyester Braided Thread (Zircon)

Saddlery, decorative stitching in footwear, sole stitching, kite flying cords, tents (ropes & cords), leather, etc

High Tenacity Polyester Mattress Thread

Used on multi needle and single needle quilting machines in the manufacture of quilts and mattresses

Fire Retardant Thread 100% Spun Meta Aramid

Fire Resistant Thread used for Plain Machine and Overlocking in Safety Wear, Emergency Services & Mining